Stunning Photography is your first and most lasting impression to potential clients. Make it a memorable one that inspires and leads clients to you in a most favorable light.

A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words right? Not anymore. It's more like 10,000 words. In our hectic world people don't have time to read beyond the headlines. It's the images we create that must do the heaving lifting of grabbing attention, conveying emotion, and illustrating life to create action. I take great care to create high impact images because no other selling tool is more powerful. And that is what I deliver to my clients—images that help you sell. I bring you nearly 30 years of photographic talent, experience and a reputation for working quick, smart and on budget. And I am passionate about delivering award winning imagery that works.

Specialties: Landscape Architecture Photography 

In addition to my overall expertise in most areas of professional photography my current passions include: photographing panoramic images of Landscape arhitecture with special attention to client and homeowner communications, mixed lighting sources, logistics, styling and post production skills. State of the art digital production and post production equipment/software/skills. Innovative budget solutions for any size job.

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